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About Us

Who Are We?


About Us

Who Are We?

What is the McMoos Highland Cattle Group?

A Select group of dedicated Highland Cattle Breeders who have teamed up to provide YOU with, not only some of the best genetics you can get. But even more...

Let us explain why the McMoos Group was created, and the dream behind it.

Many Highland Cattle breeders offer NO support or back up for their clients, and it is very much "take your money and run". Pretty rude considering the sort of money involved.

Then, like a trendy dog breed, the market is flooded with breeders desperate to sell their animals at any price, as they have no idea or avenue to sell their lovely animals.

Time and time again we are asked to sell animals for people who are desperate to sell as they either have no food or no room or no idea. Where is the original breeder now? Long gone usually. And unfortunately in some cases the stock they have bred simply does not make the grade and well.. the rest is history.

The McMoos group is a collection of breeders working together. This is an ideal situation for lovers of Highlands, who either do not have the time or desire to do the promotional work required to sell quality stock. 

All McMoos' members are what would be described as boutique breeders. Small folds mean, more contact on a daily basis between Highlands and their owners, and in our experience, without exception means quieter more docile and interactive animals.

The McMoos Group is here to bring breeders of Quality Highlands and potential buyers of the same together, with assurances that we don't take the money and run.

To be a member of this group you must strictly adhere to the standards set without exception and all buying and selling is covered by contracts, manuals and guidelines provided to all breeders involved. 

When you own a McMoo you become the most important part of our group, The customer. All the support, guidance and processes, including mentoring are all there for you.

Phone Graham and Laura   06 367 9757   at Bonnycroft McMoos


Sophie with the 3 heifers.JPG

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much land will I need?

You can run around 2 per acre, as opposed to larger breeds where the figure is closer to 1 per acre.  This all depends on your land, quality of grass and planning.  Being a smaller breed and with their unusual hoof construction, they are easier on the land and do not pug up the ground so much in wet weather.

What is a Highlands personality?

One of the reasons for Highlands popularity is their docile nature, size and looks.  A Highland should be quiet and calm and certainly NOT aggressive.   This docile nature seems to fit with their appearance of a friendly yet majestic animal.  When well trained a Highland can be groomed and patted in the paddock easily.  All McMoos Highlands are halter trained to a level desired by the client.

What is a Starter Pack?

A Starter Pack is a purchase of at least 3 animals including 1 Bull and Heifers or Cows.  This will allow you to breed your own Highlands.

How interactive can I be with Highlands?

This of course is up to you.  We interact with ours everyday, this ranges from simple acknowledging them over the fence to feeding them by hand and grooming.  It's really quite relaxing brushing them and even just talking to them.  Some of our clients even take them for walks along the country roads. It's great exercise and training in one.

How much will I pay for a Highland?

Like all things, there are a wide range of prices in the Highland Market.  The same old saying goes for Highlands as for anything you buy.  You get what you pay for!
McMoos are quality Highland animals both in confirmation and genetic background.  We concentrate on breeding them to be docile and friendly.  
Pricing depends on animal and your expectations and McMoos are priced on the quality of the animals. In general pricing is as follows:
     *  Steers start around $850
     *  All other animals start around $1,350

        (Prices are GST inclusive)


What are the on going costs?

In the care of any animal there are ongoing costs for feeding, dosing and vaccinations. Highlands DO NOT require any special care. They will cost less to maintain than other popular lifestyle breeds. For example. Highlands are well known for being easy birthers, as the calves are typically born smaller than other breeds, but rapidly grow on.


How long do they live for?

Highlands can live up to ages of 20 - 25 years, many still calving until around 19 years of age.


How do they cope in the heat?

Because of the double coat that they have, if serves two purposes. Insulation from the cold and cooling in the heat. Like all cattle it is important to have access to water and if possible some shade.


At what age are they weaned?

To ensure the best start in life, it is important to judge weaning of the mother and calf and how they are coping. This flexibility means we can intervene or not to make sure mother and calf are doing well. Except in special circumstances most are weaned at around 20 weeks of age.

How about shipping my new highland to me?

We ship animals all over NZ, so have arrangements in place with the stock companies. Costs vary depending on your location. It is not as expensive as you might think so just ask. You will be pleasantly surprised!

What do the grades mean?

Bonnycroft McMoos and Lumont'e McMoos are  proud members of the NZ Lifestyle Highland Society and all our Highlands are based on the blood purity grading of the NZLHS.   They are as follows:

Full Blood    . . . . . .    99.1125% Full Blood Highland
PureBred 3  . . . . . .    98.375% Highland
Purebred 2  . . . . . .    96.875% Highland
Purebred 1   . . . . . .    93.75% Highland
A Grade       . . . . . .    87.5% Highland
B Grade       . . . . . .    75% Highland
C Grade       . . . . . .    50% Highland